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PPA on Paycheck
Apex has an internal process that allows us to pay our employees, even if we don’t get approval on their hours from our client. If our client can’t approve time worked on our payroll processing schedule, we PPA the hours (Pay Prior to Approval) to pay the employee. Then the next week, when the client approves the hours, that PPA is reversed and replaced with regular hours on the paycheck. Some weeks, he will have positive PPA and others he will have negative PPA. Eventually, PPA is 0.00, either when the client time approver catches up before current week processing, or after the employee leaves employment and the approvals catch up.


Employee works 40 hours, but it isn’t approved. Employee is PPA’d 40 hours.

The client goes in before the next week’s processing and approves the regular hours.

The employee has worked another week and is due the second week of 40 hours. Two things can happen:

If the approver approved the first week, but not the second week, the 40 for current week are PPA’d, but the prior week’s 40 hours of PPA are reversed, so only the 40 hours of pay are reflected on the pay check. The pay check will show 40 regular hours (40 for the prior week that have been approved). The positive PPA for the second week and the negative PPA for the prior week balance out.

If the time approver approves both weeks at the same time, the check would reflect current week of 80 regular hours (the 2 weeks that were approved) and -40 PPA, resulting in 0.00 for the YTD PPA balance and paying just the 40 hours that are owed.

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