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Direct Deposit
Last Updated 11 months ago

Please follow the below steps to set up your direct deposit.

To enroll into Direct Deposit, please log into your My Apex account. Under “My Pay Info”, please select “Direct Deposit.” Direct Deposits must be set up by COB on Tuesday to be active for that Friday’s pay

Direct Deposit Set up:

  • Click “Add Account
  • Enter your Routing & Account numbers
  • You will have to enter in your Account Number twice for validation
  • Account Type: Choose “Checking,” “Issue Check,” or “Savings
  • Please select a Deposit Type “Amount,” ” Balance of Net Pay,” or “Percent
    • If you would like your whole check to go into one account, please select “Balance of Net Pay
  • Deposit Order
    • Assign an order to the account to communicate to the system which account you would like it to look at first, second, etc. Balance of Net Pay deposit type will always be assigned a “999”. This is done to ensure funds are deposited according to your preferences.
  • If more than 1 account, prioritize as they’d like and set the 1st priority account to a specific percentage or amount, but the 2nd (or last) priority account should be set to Balance of Net Pay.
  • Click “Submit” to save your entry
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**You will receive a “Null error” message if you try to make more than one change to your direct deposit in the same day**

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